Hello All.

I am working on my NaNoWriMo writing today for a few hours before I go into work. I am debating on if I should turn this book into a trilogy. As some of you may know, the main character in my book, Gabrielle, is given a bracelet with a past…a very long past in fact, as it was owned by many important women though history. She awakes the next morning in the lives of one of these women, and follows the bracelet through its history. I am at around 20,000 words and Gabrielle is just now in the first life. Any thoughts on making this a trilogy??


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Judging from your very basic description in this post, I almost feel like you could make it longer than a trilogy. For instance, if each book contains one life of the bracelet, the series could be as long as you like. Also, depending on your publishing goals, trilogies and series do tend to sell better than stand alone novels. However, if you feel like making a trilogy or series would sacrifice the story or integrity of your project, then don’t do it! Good luck with your decision.

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  2. Thank you Kate for your feedback. I am trying to keep the details of the book down to a minimum until it gets closer to the release. I think breaking up the book is a good idea, its what I was thinking of doing originally, but I wasn’t sure.


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