Just a little peak

“In all of this excitement, I nearly forgot to thank you for finding my old friend.” Alexandra stated reaching out her hand, pausing palm up and staring at Gabrielle. Looking from Alexandra’s face to the bangle, Gabrielle slowly placed the bracelet in Alexandra’s palm, who then quickly brought it up to her mouth and whispered something so silently that Gabrielle could not hear it over the crackle of the fire despite the fact that she was a mere two feet from her. She then placed the piece on her wrist and sat back in her chair with a grin, gaze once again upon Gabrielle….”The things that I have downstairs and up in my home are alive just as you and I are sitting her right now. They have history, they have their very own pasts, they could talk to you if you would only take the time to listen. Each piece has a story dying to be told. They can feel warmth, love, and pain…These things that I protect are very much alive and I have dedicated my life to collecting them and keeping them from the perils of the world”.

-Alexandra talking to Gabrielle about her collection of oddities-


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