NaNoWriMo Update

Good Morning friends, followers, and fellow bloggers!

As the halfway point in my NaNoWriMo experience passes, I find myself with the desire to post another small pice of the story. But first an update on my progress. I have currently reached 101 pages into my book. This equates to approximately 29,000 words. Although I have come far, I still have many more words to write before this experience is over.

Now here is that small piece of the story. At this point Gabrielle has just entered the first life that the ancient bangle is allowing her to visit. She doesn’t understand what is going on but finds that she has a sister named Heather who forces her to run through the forests with her. At this point Gabrielle doesn’t know where she is, how she knows who Heather is or why she isn’t more freaked out at the situation.

“There…” yelled Heather, as she pointed to the far end of the field. Gabrielle squinted before she could faintly see a small group of men chopping down some trees. With yet another harsh tug, the two girls were off, down the hill with Gabrielle in tow and Heather at the helm. Relieved, the grass that the two girls now ran upon was very soft, Gabrielle began to slightly smile as they gained speed while running down the hill. For even though Gabrielle could not tell if she was dreaming or awake, captive or guest, lost or found, she was actually beginning to have a little fun.

Check back in with me from time to time to read more small pieces of my new novel The Curious Tale of Gabrielle


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