NaNoWriMo Chapter 6

Hello Bloggers!

Today I find myself about to begin chapter six of my book “The Curious Tale of Gabrielle”. In this chapter, Gabrielle will discover what kills her in this life and will be thrown into the life of the following owner of the bracelet. I find myself thinking back on everything I have written. How Gabrielle found Alexandra and the bracelet. How she later, mysteriously finds Alexandra dead, how she falls asleep grieving for the loss of Alexandra and awakes in the life of another young girl several hundred years ago. I find that I am beginning to get attached to Gabrielle and I begin to think of her as my own. I find that even just the death of Gabrielle’s current life is difficult to write, even though I know GABRIELLE isn’t really dying, and that she will see another young lady’s life. I’m wondering if all writers get attached to their characters?

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