An Excerpt from The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

Alright followers and bloggers, It is that time again for another piece of the story. I’ve edited this one because it was long.

Gabrielle was walking. She was walking in the dark and it was cold. Cold and silent. There was a great wooden door and a giant handle. As she walked up to the door, it opened without her even touching the handle and she stepped though the doorway. It was no longer dark, but everything was lit in green and she stood before a gargantuan maze. It reminded Gabrielle of the labyrinths that you would see at a great castle. Gabrielle stood at the mouth of the maze, examining it.
As she stood, she heard a clicking sound and the ground began to shake. Gabrielle ran the only direction that she could think of: into the maze….Gabrielle felt a strange chill run from the base of her neck, all the way through to her toes. She was standing, and staring, at a large window. The window seemed to be floating in place, yet still as though it was sitting in a wall. Gabrielle peered at the empty window for a moment before slowly walking closer to it. As she neared the empty window, something began to change. The closer she got to the black glass, Gabrielle began to see a face within the window. The face that she, however, was not a reflection of her own. The face was of a man…He was screaming something. He was screaming…..behind you….
Gabrielle’s eyes shot open as she heard another click. A chill raged throughout her entire body. Somebody was behind her. Right behind her, and they scared her father. Gabrielle quickly rose to her feet as she heard several heavy steps and something ran up behind her. She had not had the chance to turn before she felt something connect with the center of her back and forcer her forward.
She grimaced as her face made contact with the glass and it shattered and she was forced through the window. She went completely though the window and was now falling into the same darkness that had taken her father. She felt as though she was going to fall forever…

As always check back for more.


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