Habits of a Writer

This post really hits home for me. I frequently find myself sitting in front of the computer just staring at the words on the screen, wondering what to write next. When this is the case, I generally end up on Youtube or Netflix, watching videos or clips from movies. It is inevitably at this moment when my wife peeks her head around the corner…”hey…honey….I thought you were going to write…”, she doesn’t understand that I just need a break or more inspiration. This is especially true, since I have ADHD.
I wanted to reblog this post, so that all of you who have these same issues, know that this is a confliction that all of us writers experience at one point or another.

The Slayer Series


For me personally, I can’t force myself to sit down and write three chapters. There’s a process, one that I haven’t paid too much attention to until the past couple months.

Usually I will sit down and start writing, then I will start writing something and I get stuck, or need a break. So my break turns into binging on a TV show and observing other characters, plots, mistakes, etc. And after a couple episodes I will usually be able to go back to the computer and pump out a whole new chapter.

My parents would give me the hardest time for sitting there in front of the TV for hours, but they failed to see that I wasn’t simply zoning out, but was studying. These days I see watching TV as studying. Because I want to be a writer for TV and I go to an Arts School that…

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