To Sell or Not To Sell

Hello followers and fellow bloggers!

As my editing is progressing and I find myself struggling with choosing a release date for my new book, I am finding that I am nervous about what others will think of my work and if anyone will want to read it. I find myself reading more and more posts on this topic in order to prepare myself for what is to come. Recently, many of the authors I follow have posted really interesting discussions about book promotion. Reading these posts, caused me to beg the question…how do I promote my book once its out?

My Dilemma

Several authors I know have offered their books for free on sites such as Kindle, Wattpad, Amazon, etc. and others have put their work for sale at prices as low as a few cents. As an author, I have many issues that are crossed throughout the entire process of thought, creation, editing, and publishing a piece of work. One of these issues being that I want others to read my work so that I can get feedback and form a following, but on the other hand, I want my work to sell (seeing as I want this to be my job and all).

So, I come to you, bloggers who are much wiser than I, help me with this dilemma. What is the best way to promote your work so that others will read it, and is it impossible to do this while also making a profit? 


2 thoughts on “To Sell or Not To Sell

  1. I think this decision should be based on your long-term goals and the book you are publishing. If it is the first in a series, I think it would definitely be worth it to put it out for free (in the long run), because it should lead others into your other books. Or, if it is the first in a series, you could put it out for $0.99 and then switch it to permafree once the second book is out. If it is not part of a series, I would definitely not put it out for free.

    Besides pricing strategies, you could try reaching out to book bloggers for reviews, offering up advanced reader copies to your beta readers or newsletter subscribers in exchange for reviews, or doing giveaways with Rafflecopter or Goodreads. Short term, you’re going to lose money. Remember, the average start-up business doesn’t break even/make profit for five years.

    For more tips, check out The Sell More Books Show podcast or The Author Marketing Podcast. They are FULL of great selling and promotion tips.


  2. Kate, thank for your advice on this matter. I will absolutely look for people to read and review my book. I just received my goodreads author status, so it will be easy for people to post reviews there for me. I’m more interested in people wanting to read my book than making money, but it would be nice to quit my day job.


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