Happy Christmas Eve

Hello Followers and Fellow Bloggers!


Happy Christmas eve everyone!

Although I am currently working, I plan to have a wonderful dinner with my wife and open a few presents tonight. Then tomorrow, we will have a wonderful breakfast of cereal while sitting in our pajamas around a pile of presents not under a tree. No, I won’t be spending this holiday with distant family, I don’t have the money for a lavish christmas dinner and I don’t even have a tree. But, what I do have is so much more than that; I have my wonderful wife and our ridiculously cute animals, and thats all christmas is about. I may not have the money for the extra stuff, but I have the love of my life and our fluffy animal babies!

It is likely that I will not be blogging tomorrow, as I rarely get the day alone with my wife, but I will be back again Friday with updates on various things. In the meantime, please visit my Goodreads author page and if you are so inclined to do so, mark my upcoming book as “to read”. I will be needing beta readers for feedback on the book before it comes out, and it is likely that I will pull those readers from the list of people who marked my book “to read”.

I wish you all the most wonderful holiday–whatever you celebrate–and hope you get the time to spend with those you love.

until next time readers…


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