A Hearts Adornment

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On October 16, 2014, I did what I felt is the greatest achievement of my life, I married my best friend. During the planning for our wedding, I was asked by our officiant if I wanted him to read something that reflected our love for each other. Tending to be outspoken at times, I felt that there was no other person who could adequately portray what I was feeling other than mine own self. I penned this particular piece for this occasion.

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A Hearts Adornment

by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

There neither is nor was a word that can describe a love such as this

A sonnet of a story with music to cause warmth to radiate as a fire spreads in Autumn

A lullaby to cause the morose to grin, the cognizant to falter and the apathetic attentive

Lovers would relish a moment of life’s grandest complexity 

If it meant they shared that moment together; void all duplicity

Articled together, on a venture of love

Never shall the paring of two find themselves facing valedictories

An Aeon of fortune

Fortuity in simplicity

May the lives of two loves be met by eternity.


4 thoughts on “A Hearts Adornment

      1. What a lovely wedding vow. 🙂 I might have to ask my husband to re-marry me and write one for our wedding too. Hehe!

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  1. Most definitely was a dream wedding. We were fortunate enough to have family present, lovely location and our dream chef. We are fans of the show Master Chef, and two seasons ago there was a contestant named Luca Manfe who ended up winning. He (like my wife) was from Italy and we wanted authentic Italian food at the wedding so we reached out to him via his website and explained how my wife was also from Italy and much of her family could not make it so we atleast wanted authentic food and could he reccomend a caterer. Luca got back to us with the jaw-dropping “Why don’t I just do it?”. So we had a famous chef, his amazing assistant Sylvia, and a week to actually hang out with them. We even had some of our dishes at our wedding end up on ghe master chef Facebook page. It has been 8 months and we still sometimes wait to wake up from the dream. It was a dream wedding, amazing people, and my best friend.


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