Ghetto Lullaby

Ghetto Lullaby 

By Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Spin a rhythmic beat

While the tempo passes by

Its not a fairytale

Its a ghetto lullaby

Its not a place to fly

Its where people go to die

Where all the fathers cheat

And all the mothers lie

The world moves without pause

Like scratching with no claws

Decent people are a myth

Right here we’re just outlaws

Try and stand

And get cut down

Here there’s no sky

Only the ground

Run through life

Don’t look around

Try to swim

But only drown

But don’t be sad

That’s just how it goes

All are aware

Pretend that no one knows

Even God cant save our souls

Society is sick

With fatal colds

Without a cure in sight

For this urban plight

We try and fight

With all our might

Countless die throughout the night

And are slowly drifting out of sight


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