The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

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It is once again time for a small sneak peak at my new novel “The Curious Tale of Gabrielle” scheduled to come out at the end of February.

The background information

In this scene, Gabrielle who has just been thrown into a world she does not understand is finally eating something and beginning to relax. Meanwhile her ‘sister’ Heather, a teenaged girl who has been away from her boyfriend for most of the day, is finally bringing her attention back to him, and can hardly contain herself.


Excerpt from The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

Finding Gabrielle finally acting more normal, Fionn turned his attention to Heather. “How are you, my most beautiful flower?”, Fionn said as he reached down and slowly brought Heathers hand to his lips and kissed each finger, causing Heather to giggle flirtatiously. “I’m perfectly fine, love”, Heather retorted, trying to control her laughter as she placed her free hand on Fionn’s muscular chest and traced the outline of a large tattoo. “It is young Gabrielle that worries me, she seems to be so strange this morning and these dreams she is having are causing her to wake in sweat”. With the lovers attention back on Gabrielle, Heather nervously withdrew her hand from Fionn’s grasp, as embarrassment began to redden her cheeks. Unaware of the display of affection that was going on around her Gabrielle reached into the basket and hungrily withdrew more berries. Trying to keep her attention on anything other than the very muscular, mostly naked man sitting across from her, Heather slowly picked wildflowers and began weaving something from them. As Gabrielle was finally beginning to feel her hunger curbed, she turned and looked at Heather with confusion showing in her eyes. Heather could feel her face flush and her heart began to pound. “Uhh…umm…so…are you ready for your birthday surprise today?”, Fionn began, attempting to vanquish the awkwardness between the three of them. “I know it was yesterday, but with the weather being what it was, I could not imagine taking you to it. Today, is perfect.”, Fionn said, as he finished off his bread and stood. “The boys can finish off here, bout time I let them do some of the work.”, Fionn gave a light laugh as he flexed his arm muscles and winked at Heather. “Umm…are you feeling better, Gabrielle?” Heather asked, as she too stood, trying to hide her embarrassment and fend off the strong urge to wrap her arms around her lover and have him right here in front of everyone.

For more information

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