One From the Past

Ended Reign

By: Zachary Paul Chopchinski


I’m the judge that swings the gavel

while your wretched world unravels.

You’re claiming you’re a rock

while I smash you into gravel.

You’re calling me a trip

well I guess it’s time to travel.

As I said, I’m  the judge

and the jury. 

Don’t you worry

my words are flowing fast like a flurry

now feel my fury.

I know that you may  hate it

but your quarrel is outdated.

I stand before you shining

while you’re disappearing  faded.

Don’t be jaded 

in the end, only one of us could make it.

Stand back

I’m breaking ground. 

Stand up

I’ll tear you down.

Your time has ceased

my time is rising now. 


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