What Inspires Me

Music As An Inspiration

They say that music can be very inspiring when working on a creative outlet. I find this to be very true, in fact any time I am having troubling with my writing I listen to music, but not just any music…I found that one particular song inspired me quite a bit when writing The Curious Tale of Gabrielle.

One Song For One Novel

In fact, my I-Tunes reports that I listened to this one particular song 125 times during the time that I was writing my book. Although I found that statistic a little worrisome, I have decided to own up to it. So, if you are curious to hear the song that inspired me so much while I was writing, that I listened to 375 minutes (6 hours and 15 min.) of it, you can find it here. And just so that I can put this in perspective for you, that would be like driving from Augusta, Maine (the capital of Maine) to Quebec, Canada while having this one song on repeat for the entire 300 mile drive.


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