The Curious Tale of Gabrielle Blurb #3

Hello Followers and Fellow Bloggers.

It is that time again; that time where I share with you all another piece of The Curious Tale of Gabrielle (scheduled to release this year) In this scene, Gabrielle is revisiting the antique shop, where she met Alexandra, and  is realizing that something is very wrong.


Suddenly, Gabrielle was made aware of how cold the room actually felt. The chills she felt were not only from inside her, but outside as well. Without any thought to where the breeze had come from, but with slow, cautioned steps, Gabrielle began to walk down the new pathway to the rear of the shop. As she ventured closer to the stairwell, the next thing that caused Gabrielle to take a deep breath was the fact that she could see the stairwell, but there were no lights in it. Perhaps Alexandra put out these lights at night and had not yet awoken to put them back on. Regardless, Gabrielle was nervous because these steps had felt treacherous yesterday when they were lit, so how was she supposed to navigate them in the dark?

As Gabrielle reached the base of the stairwell, she was both relieved and stricken by what she saw next. Staring up the stairs, she could see that the door at the top was left slightly ajar and light was washing down the stairs from the doorway. Why was the door open? Gabrielle put one foot on the lowest stair and then placed both of her hands on either wall—fortunately for her, the staircase was fairly narrow—and she began her slow and steady ascension of the stairs.

Each creak and groan of the stairs brought a worsening to the ominous feeling growing from deep within Gabrielle. Where was Alexandra? What was going on? Having lost the control of most of her senses, and feeling like she was in an alternate universes version of the shop,  Gabrielle could not contain herself any longer.


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