My Vice

Today is my second day of giving up soda.

I found that it had become a vice in my life, which made me think about vices.


 Why is it that when we find ourselves bound to a vice, it is quite rarely a positive thing? For instance, I have never found myself saying “God…I am addicted to cleaning my house!” or “Wow! I just can’t stop getting my stuff done on time!”. I suppose that the nature of a vice is inherently bad for you, so something like this would never happen, but I wish that more positive attributes came as easily as our vices do.

With this said, I am finding that I am really craving a soda….maybe I’ll go write to keep my mind off of it. Although, I guess it wouldn’t be good writing if all of a sudden the main character, Gabrielle, started constantly finding and drinking Pepsi during the French revolution…



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