Balor’s Reign

Balor’s Reign

By: Zachary Paul Chopchinski


Balor stands with a mighty foot upon the mountain

Wicked eye peers to the land

Sanguine remains my resolve

Those who peer into my eye find but death

As they are consumed and discarded

From the depths of my sea

To the tops of her volcano

The Fomoire rule all

Sans pity or weakness

Pele’s fire merely excites my brood

Her dominion is the fire

Over which I rule all

Balor is king of his minions

Bringing death to all he views

Pele hides amongst her small isle

Pele attempts to create lands

Yet, foul Pele, you fall short

That which you spew forth

Falls short and into the sea

Becoming Balors’ yet again

Lost loves are your folly

Water threatens your existence

My watery pits will house your failures

Consume your wretched being

Locking you into your own stone pillars

With a gaze of his mighty eye

And a crash of his great leg

Balor will silence Pele

Claim her lands for his

And lock her in his depths


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