The First Book Review is In!

Good Evening Followers and Fellow Bloggers!

I have just received my first public review from a beta reader for The Curious Tale of Gabrielle.


To be honest, I was extremely nervous to read it, but with the encouragement of my wife we were pleased to hear that the review was good. Better, in fact, the review was amazing! In addition to this, I received feedback from another beta reader, Kate M. Colby, and was extremely pleased with what she had to say. Read Sheila’s review below and add The Curious Tale of Gabrielle to your TBR list HERE!

I look forward to reading the remainder of the beta readers’ reviews and I hope that future readers have as good of an experience as the beta readers did.

Sheila’s Review

Well paced and well written, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is a book that will pique your interest off the bat and keep you guessing along the way. Highly recommended to those who seek Young Adult novels,romance, suspense, or just a well-rounded, thoughtfully constructed story about a girl and her destiny. This beautifully crafted novel will grab you and suck you in until you’re hooked! I couldn’t put it down and I doubt you’ll be able to either!


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