Download The Curious Tale of Gabrielle for $0.99

Good Morning Followers and Fellow Bloggers! 


And what a good morning it is indeed! Today The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is available to download in e-book form from multiple sources. To be honest, this is extremely nerve-wracking! Will people want to read it? Will they even know where to find it? Will people like it if they do read it, or will I be flooded with bad reviews and go down in a fiery ball of flames? I suppose I should just take the positive and negative thoughts that I received from my beta readers and take their word that people will want to read it. I guess thats all I can do, just be positive and hope for the best. Regardless of how my book is accepted, or not accepted, into the world, I am extremely proud of myself for following through with this one and publishing my first novel. I wanted to take a quick moment to thank the indi-author community and all the bloggers that stopped–even for a moment–to check out my page and for all of their support in this venture, you were all willing to take me in and accept me as one of your own without even reading my work. And for that I am thankful!

You can now order the e-book at these sources for $0.99


SmashWords : available in multiple different formats!

Google Play : There is still an issue with this website and the cover…not sure why it won’t upload but I’m working on it!

And soon you will be able to order a paperback! I have ordered the proof and hopefully within the next few weeks it will be available for purchase!

The Blog Tour: Starting March 7

Please stop by the blog tour to learn a little bit more about myself and my writing venture. And don’t forget if you follow the blog tour, you can be eligible for a free ebook version of The Curious Tale of Gabrielle. Also sign up for the giveaway for a free signed paper back version of the book HERE and on my home page!!

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