Book Proofs!

Hello Followers and Fellow Bloggers! 

Today, I received the proof for my new book The Curious Tale of Gabrielle! I can’t believe how stunning the book looks! I am so thankful to have found my great friend Mickey and her husband josh who helped me in this process and with the cover design! I will be submitting a few minor changes to the formatting but once that is completed, you will be able to purchase the book in paperback form!

IMG_20150309_190013      IMG_20150309_190029

Until then you can purchase the ebook on Amazon for 99 cents HERE!


6 thoughts on “Book Proofs!

  1. Zachary……I’m old fashioned when it comes to books! I want the “real thing” that I can hold in my hands and smell the pages! Lol! Where can I get that?

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    1. I’m finishing up a few changes to the formatting. It should be available in about a week or so. I’ll be posing about it once its up for sale, so check back with me. Thanks for your interest!!


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