My Very First…and Very Short Video Blog

Hello Followers and Fellow Bloggers!

I was inspired by my good friend Kate to do a video blog when I saw how great her video interview went! You can watch the first video rant below! If this one is well accepted, I think I will make this a weekly thing, where I rant a little about whatever is on my mind and talk about my writing process and my book The Curious Tale of Gabrielle. If you like this video and plan on keeping up with me weekly please subscribe to my youtube channel.


4 thoughts on “My Very First…and Very Short Video Blog

  1. Okay, first things first, you’re pretty darn funny. This was a great intro into your personality. I really enjoyed getting a more personal perspective from you, and I hope you do more in the future.

    Also, you are too nice for giving me credit. If anything, you have inspired me to get my sh*t together and jump on the vlogging train.

    Last — I agree with your wife. Sepia is creepy. The black and white is good, especially since it fits with your book cover.

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    1. Thanks Kate! That means a lot…I do plan on doing more vlogging. I think its extremely important for indi authors to stick together and challenge and inspire each other. So let’s just say we inspired each other to better ourselves. I’ll let my wife know you agree with her…she will get a kick out of that.

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