Find My Book at Bull Moose

Good Morning Followers and Fellow Bloggers,


A while back I submitted by book to a local bookstore (Bull Moose) to see if they would be interested in carrying it. Today after work I went with my wife to Bull Moose because, well frankly she is a little addicted to reading. While there, I noticed the my new novel, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle, was sitting on the shelf in the Young Adult section. This is the most amazing feeling I have had during this journey. I don’t even really know how to explain how great it feels to be casually browsing books and see one that you wrote. If you live in Maine, stop by Bull Moose in South Portland and check out my book. If you don’t live in Maine, check out the book on Amazon, Here on my website, on Smashwords, or on Google Play



8 thoughts on “Find My Book at Bull Moose

    1. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for your kind words. I honestly credit my wife and all of the writer friends for this. They are the ones that believed I could do this and I believe that you can too! Good luck on your writing journey and I look forward to having our books sold in the same stores!

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  1. This is awesome, Zach! Not only does this make me super happy for you, but little steps like this are so crucial for indie authors in general. The more of us who get into book stores and libraries, the faster the stigma will change and we can all share in the reality of that dream! Way to go!

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