Introducing Putrescent Oak Press

Hello Followers and Fellow Bloggers


The Inspiration

First off I would like to give credit where it’s due. As an new author, I have spent a lot of time checking around and seeing what other authors do to promote themselves, their books and make a name for their work. I have pulled a lot of my inspiration from a few authors that I deeply regard. Recently I have been struggling with the issue of self publishing or seeking out a publishing company. Some of you may already know this, if you follow my posts. I have gotten a lot of support and advice from several authors. Recently I was reading the weekly email I get from Author Kate M. Colby (sign up for it by the way, you won’t regret it!) and I read that she was creating her own entity Buxthorn Press in which she would be publishing her work under. So, yet again, I have taken an idea from Kate (and I apologize if I seem like a “copycat”) and I have decided to create my own publishing entity.

Putrescent Oak Press

Thus, enters Putrescent Oak Press. I know this sounds like a dark name for a company, but its actually about hope when all seems lost. Although a decaying oak tree may seem to be lost and worthless in nature, it actually is home to many animals and insects that find the dying tree a beacon of hope in the cruel world of mother nature. Because of this I would love the symbol to be a decaying oak tree with a single green leaf on it. Symbolizing some hope of life, when all seems lost. As a world seemingly decays about us, strife interjects daily, there is hope for the future. So, with this said, there will be some changes to my website/blog as I make the transition. This will likely be a slow transition, as it will take some time and money, but a transition non the less.

Graphic Designers and/or Artists Wanted

So, now that I have a name for myself, and an idea of what I would like the logo to be, I now need to make it a reality. With this said, I am not sure what the general cost for something like this is, but I do not have a huge budget for it. I was hoping that through this amazing community, someone could put me in touch with a graphic designer or artist that would be interested in helping my ideas for my company logo become a reality. I would prefer something in the 1″x 3″ size or something that is good enough quality to be resized without pixilation.

Thank you all for everything you have done, for your inspirations, for your thoughts and support and for all that you are!


14 thoughts on “Introducing Putrescent Oak Press

      1. So, I don’t know where you are in this process, but I withdraw my Fiverr recommendation. I have not had a positive experience. It may be that I did not make a good designer selection, but overall, I’m extremely dissatisfied. I hope your search is going better!

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      2. Kate, I’m so sorry to hear that. I did pay for a logo, and I think its decent. I may keep my mind open and look around, but if I don’t find anything better, it will work. Thanks for the heads up though! Let me know if you find a better place and I’ll let you know if I do.

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      3. The designer I selected used a copyrighted photo in my logo — so, even if I had wanted to use it, it would have been illegal. But, Fiverr customer support gave me a full refund to my business account within an hour, so that was exceptional service. I’m looking in my friend and professional circles, but I have found a designer on Etsy I may try.


      4. Oh wow…my wife would probably be better suited for this conversation as I don’t know much about fashion but I know she considered doing red (its her favorite color) but she ended up doing red accents.

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  1. Zach, the artist who does my book covers is Steven Novak, of (look at my blog page, the books are on the right hand side). He’s really good, and reasonably priced – I’d highly recommend him. I don’t know if he does logos, but it never hurts to ask!

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