A New Video and A New Bookstore

Hello Followers and Fellow Bloggers

My New Video

I know it has been a while since I have posted up a new video. As some of you may know, I have been extremely busy working on getting my new business, Putrescent Oak Press, up and running. So finally, this weekend I had the time to do a new video. This one focuses on the future. I ponder on what words our children (or our children’s children) will consider to be antiquated. Well, at least this is the topic I give a good attempt at focusing on. In reality, I ramble a little and touch on a variety  of strange things. Check it out, pass it around, comment and give me your opinions, or just laugh at my inability to stay on topic! 

My Book Is In Another Local Bookstore! 

I would also like to formally announce that I spoke to another local book store here in Maine, Longfellow Books, and (as soon as I have the time to bring some down) they will be housing my book, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle. This will now make two local stores in Maine that sell The Curious Tale of Gabrielle. Check it out there, or at the following places:




Google Play


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