I Could Really Use Your Help

Hello Followers and Fellow Bloggers,


I am currently working on a new, more professional layout for my author website. In addition to containing all of my author information and my blog (as my current site does), this new layout will feature my publishing company Putrescent Oak Press. I am working on the functionality of this new layout and its taking me a while to decide what I like and don’t like. Any feedback about what works for you and what doesn’t, including any and all thoughts on images, content and the layout itself would be really helpful. Please take  a moment to navigate though my new layout and give me your feedback. 

Thank you all in advance for all of your help! 


15 thoughts on “I Could Really Use Your Help

  1. Love the concept! The medallion gets slightly lost with the grey/silver background. The only other thing was the Home page, the “More” button gets slightly swallowed up amidst the image. The tree with a single green leaf is the cat’s pajamas for sure.

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    1. Thanks Jonas! I agree about the image, but I can’t put two different images for the header, I don’t think. Yeah the more button is a little light, but I don’t think I can change that and you can just scroll down instead of looking for the button…I may tweak it a bit more but it took my wife two hours on Photoshop to make that picture…she is still learning the program.

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      1. I think the solid-color concept would do the trick, plus it would make that singular leaf pop out. It’s something to consider for sure. i think when you have a background with lots of texture and flames and what-not, you need a solid to focus your eye.

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    1. Neither way is 100% ideal. I looked at your homepage before reading Jonas’s comment about the See More button, and I found it just fine. It isn’t the easiest to see, but it’s fine. As for the logo, I appreciated the two color concept (I assume you were going for a moon in the background?), but the all white is easier to read on the background image.


  2. Have you tried using Canva to tweak images? It’s not nearly as fancy as photoshop, but it allows basic editing like lightening/darkening images that even graphic design illiterate people like myself can use. It might come in handy if your gracious wife tires of Photoshop (which I commend her for braving!).

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