What is in a name?

A walk through the wilds results in a discovery. A scene of death and decay that is often found standing alone amongst the green. It may be a hedge, a fallen tree, or a clearing which the grass has faded and dried. For myself, this scene has always been that of a grand and darkened oak, standing bold against all others. It is a scene of despair and lost faith to many, yet it is sterling to its brethren that thrive within. Stigmatized and isolated for what it is by those that encompass its surroundings, despite the life that flourishes due to its presence, and with this life feasting off of this old tree, it rots and become putrescent. This is the Putrescent Oak.


I wanted to model my future works from what this image represents. In this world, as it is now and as it will always be, pain and despair are always present. There is always some bitter or harsh monolith that will stand in view as an ominous reminder of what is happening as long as there is conscious existence. Yet, this does not have to hold the negative view that is tends to possess. Even with dead trees in the forest, life will always find a way to flourish in varying degrees. The insects, serpents and small animals all call these places home. This is why I have donned the tree with a single, green leaf; to symbolize hope of growth and prosperity for the future.



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