How Organization in Writing Has Helped Me

Hello and good evening everyone!


Flow Charts:

I would like to take a moment this evening to provide a little advice to my followers and fellow bloggers that has really helped me in my writing career. I’m going to be completely honest, as soon as I say this half of you will roll your eyes because you will know exactly what I’m talking about. That is, the importance of proper flow charts when writing. *waits patiently for you to roll your eyes*

Yes, I know, the bane of every creative writing course, but I feel that this is an absolutely necessity for those with a bit of an attention deficit problem such as myself. Now, I know that some of you will say “absolutely flow charts!”, but this is something that I have only recently begun to embrace…and I’d like to say that I am a flow chart success story *takes a bow*.

How I organize My Flow Charts:


The way that I do my flow charts, is directly responsible for how I handle my ADHD and my ability to complete a work.  I will first decide what are the primary events that I want to happen in my story and I will make a bulleted list of those events in chronological order. I will then go and create sub points under each of those events for things that I would like to take place while discussing that event in my story. This almost makes it like it is a check list to follow and makes it extremely easy to keep my story in order and flowing. If I get other ideas as I’m writing about things that I would like to happen, I always make sure to put them in my flow chart so that I don’t later forget. I generally keep my flow chart on the same drive that my story is on so that I can always have it open while I’m writing for a quick reference guide. 

How about you wordpress friends, how do you like to organize your flow charts and do they help you? What do you do to keep yourself on track? Do you have an epic playlist? Do you unplug your phone from the wall? (Fun Fact, I actually have both an epic play list and I put my phone on vibrate so it can’t interrupt my train of thought).  


2 thoughts on “How Organization in Writing Has Helped Me

  1. I suppose I kind of make a flow chart. My outlines are bullet lists in chronological order. Some are more detailed than others – it depends on how comfortable I feel with the manuscript. I also like to make a list of questions that I anticipate the reader will have and write out the answers, so I can figure out when/where/how to answer them in the text. My last bit of planning is a Pinterest board to help me visualize my world and brainstorm.

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