July Wrap Up and Other Bookish Things

Hello all!

I have been meaning to put this up for a while now, and I apologize for my lack of posting.


This last month I think I did alright in terms of books read but I didn’t at all meet any of my expectations for my writing or furthering my goals as an author.

Books Read In July:


City of Bones- Cassandra Clare

Mrs Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children-Ransom Riggs

Hollow City- Ransom Riggs

A Time to Live- Jonas Lee

Four- Veronica Roth

Whitey- Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neil

Additionally, I completed the Maze Runner series on audiobook!

Still reading:

Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn

Author Stats:


words written- 25,000

followers- 816

posts made- 23

Videos made- 0 ( I know, I know…slaps self on the wrist…”bad llama”. But honestly with my promotion at work and moving I haven’t had time to do a lot…I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise!)

The Curious Tale of Gabrielle Stats:


Reviews- 10 (4.75 out of 5 stars)

Books Sold: 12

Other Bookish Things:

In my spare time, although I haven’t been writing much on TCTG, I have been compiling some more poetry. I will be posting those up shortly, I hope!

Also, my wife and I found this crazy cool bookstore in downtown Portland! Here are a few pictures for you! If you are interested in checking out there website, you can do that HERE!

0809151223 6.21.15 PM0809151251 6.21.15 PM 0809151226 6.21.23 PM 0809151224a 6.21.23 PM

I have been working on a small sneak peak the second book in The Curious Tale of Gabrielle series and am hoping to get that up soon as well….so don’t abandon me for other, flashier blogs… *splashes water on face*…what we have is special and I can’t do this without you!! 

Besides, I like to think that I bring the funny….or just the incredibly awkward…


9 thoughts on “July Wrap Up and Other Bookish Things

    1. That’s a good question Jeremy! I thought I’d linked it but I suppose not, so I’ll do that later today. Its called Carlson and Turner and it’s in downtown Portland Maine. They do have a website and I believe they ship books if your looking for a particular antique.


    1. Thnks for the question. I am fortunate enough to where I have a job that allows me to do some writing in my office when I don’t have other meetings and such. It is difficult to balance but strangely my ADHD helps with that because I will do a little of everything everyday to keep my mind occupied. I also find that I write better at night so that’s helps me get more writing done.

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    2. I also have a habit of starting things and then inishing them a while later so a few of those books were ones that I had started last month or the month before and picked them back up in July to finish them.

      Liked by 1 person

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