TCTG Update!

Hello Bloggers and Followers,

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I wanted to give you an update on where I am with my writing, as I have received some inquires. As some of you may know I am in the process of expanding The Curious Tale of Gabrielle (TCTG). The reviews of the book were overwhelmingly positive and I have received many emails asking about the next book in the series, but with this I have received some advice from many fellow authors about how to bring my debut novel up to the next level. So, I have decided to expand the book and send it through another round of editing.

My Edits:

  • Expanding many of the scenes
  • Bringing the content up to a higher grade interest
  • Giving the characters more depth
  •  Receiving a more advanced edit.

I just began the expansions today and have added approximately 1000 words to the first chapter. This second edition will be published under my publication entity Putrescent Oak Press. I have also tweaked the cover design some for the second edition. I believe these changes give the cover a more celtic feel and the change of the bracelet fits better with the background image.


The revised cover for The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

Anyone that has purchased the first edition and would like a second edition at no charge just needs to contact me and I can send that right on over.

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