August Wrap Up

Hello everyone,

I am extremely and embarrassingly aware of how little I have been present in social media lately. I think life has just gotten the better of me for right now. I am also aware that I apologize for this in every post, so I won’t apologize. I will just keep you updated on a few things in my life and hope you all like me enough to stick around until I get things in order and have the ability to post more often.

Books Read: 

My computer is currently in the shop (part of the reason why I have had little time to do anything). It needs a new hard-drive, but I don’t want to lose anything on it so they needed to back everything up first…needless to say it has been in the shop for a while now. I am finally getting it back next week and I hope to catch up on writing and posting!

Because of the state my computer is in I don’t have any pictures of these books to post…so Ill go with the stock photos.


Partials Series- Dan Wells



Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn

Still Reading:




Forest of Hands and Teeth-Carrie Ryan

Fury-Alexander Gordon Smith

Dwarves- Markus Heitz

Author Stats:

At this point I have completely put writing The Curious Tale of Gabrielle (Book 2-currently un-named) aside in order to complete expanding and editing book 1.

words written- 4,000

followers- 831

posts made- 4



Videos made- 0 (I have run out of excuses…Ill get one up as soon as I get my computer back) 

Thanks again for sticking around through these interesting times. I promise to start working on getting more things out!


2 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

    1. Thank you so much Amo! You’re too kind. I tend to either put writing off to concentrate on other things or put others things off to concentrate on writing. I wish I could find a proper balance!


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