An Author and His Photographer

Hello fellow bloggers,

Today I would like to share with you an amazing person. My wife and I found Laura when we were looking for photographers for our wedding. She was relatively inexpensive and seemed to take photos in the photojournalistic  style that we like.  

1 Laura Lee Photography

After meeting Laura we fell in love. Not only does she take absolutely beautiful pictures but she was hilarious (and if any of you have seen my videos…you know I have a particular type of humor) and seemed to just understand my wife and I. She took two completely non-photogenic awkward people and make them look amazing.


So, when I was in the market for someone to take author photos of myself, I couldn’t help but give Laura a call. I am beyond happy with the results! 


If any of you are in Maine or in the near vicinity I would absolutely 100% recommend Laura for any of you photographic needs.


5 thoughts on “An Author and His Photographer

  1. Looks good!

    Ironically, I wanted to use my wedding photographer for my author photos as well (She also did my senior photos in high school). But, that didn’t get crossed off the to-do list before we left Kansas, so husband-photographer it was!

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