The Dangers of Speed Typing

So you’re typing along, writing that novel you have been trying to get around to finishing and you get to this really great part. You can feel your fingers flying at the speed of light, furiously typing out the epic scene playing in your mind. Finally, you sit back proud as Hell of the scene you just completed. “I have to read this” you say, “I need to know how awesome it sounds”. As your reading it, on the edge of your seat, you come to a sentence that you can’t quite figure out. What the Hell did I mean here?  You think to yourself as you look for context clues as to what you were trying to say.

This has happened to all of us, we have all created typos when writing that confuse even our own minds. I need to share this last one with you. Mostly because there are so many typos that when my wife was reading it allowed to me we both burst out laughing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 5.05.10 PM

In case you are having a hard time reading it, it says (and I quote)

 “Gabrielle garbbed her he’d and bean taking slow and del breathes ash she fought the urge to be sick.”

-Zachary Paul Chopchinski

So don’t be ashamed when you can’t figure out what it is that you were trying to say, it happens to us all.

What are some of your funny stories with editing. I’d love to hear them!


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