I Need Your Help

Hello everyone.

I come to you today pleading for your help.


My wife has worked hard her entire life to reach one goal: to become a forensic chemist. Unfortunately with the rise of forensic shows, this dream is shared by more people than there are jobs available. So for the last several years I have worked 60 hours a week and my wife has worked 50 hours a week in customer service just to stay afloat. Those of you who know me well know that this, along with my ADHD has really been something that has hindered my writing. Last week my wife found out that she was hired to work for FDLE in Florida. Unfortunately because we live in Maine, the cost of the trip is more than we can afford. My wife is really feeling down on herself because she worked so hard for her entire life to reach this goal and now we face not being able to afford to move. This, of course, has really weighed heavily on me. My wife helped me to reach my goal of being a published author and now she may not get her dream for something as trivial as money.


Please read her story on Go Fund Me HERE and consider giving a small donation to help us make the trip to Florida. Even if you can’t afford to help (which trust me I understand) please share this post so that others may see it. Thank you all! I love you greatly and thank you for listening to me and for always being there for me when I need it!


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