Who’s Ready For The Gym?

Greetings to all my followers and fellow bloggers!


No, don’t worry, this post isn’t really about going to the gym. Let’s be honest, I have no more intentions about writing about going to the gym, than many of us have about actually going to the gym in this new year. But I would like to take this moment to talk about my actual new years resolution and maybe hear about yours.

Many of us are guilty at one point or another of making these promises knowing we aren’t going to keep them. This time, however, I have no intentions of going back on my word, and I hope that you will all join me in this.


What I promise for the year of 2016
1. Do my best not to spend the next 6 weeks writing 2015
2. Spend much more time writing. Now that I have an official business, I need to make sure that I am focusing my time on writing.
3. Read more. My wife always makes fun of me because I don’t read all that often, and I agree this needs to change.
4. Let’s be honest…we are all going to make this one…but I would, in fact, like to get a little bit more healthier.
5. Get more feedback from my followers. Now I know I can’t control the amount of feedback I get. But, I can make myself more available to accept feedback and I can actively try to implement feedback that I do get.

I will do my best, in this next year, to adhere to these resolutions, but if you see me slipping, feel free to call me out and keep me in check. What are your resolutions for 2016?


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