Read Self Published Month

Good Afternoon reader, bloggers, and fellow authors.


I am so excited to share with you an initiative that a fellow author friend of mine is starting called Read Self Published Month.

What is Read Self Published Month?

Read Self Published Month will be going on during the month of April (just in time for camp NaNoWriMo!! )  and will encourage readers to read books by self published*, or indie, authors. Additionally, we will be facilitating discussions of the books that are being read. Basically, we just want to see people bypassing that initial concern with reading a self published author and hopefully discovering some amazing books.

*These books are all home grown and certified organic

How Do I Find Indie Authors?
There  is currently a list going around with some indie authors and links to their books (some of you may notice that you are already on the list…) You can find the list HERE. If you aren’t on the list and would like to be, please contact me with your information, including the amazon link to your book!

How Can I Help?

Please help me spread the word. Share on social media, tell your family, tell your friends, tell your pets! Lets see if we can get a buzz going on about this great initiative and get people reading self published authors! So that we can keep track of things and so that its easy to find, please use the tag #ReadSelfPublished and don’t forget to join me in reading some great authors.

As more information comes up (there is some talk about a possible giveaway) I will keep you all posted, so don’t forget to check back in!


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