Guest Post:10 Creative Instant Ideas You Can Use While Writing Books

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10 Creative Instant Ideas You Can Use While Writing Books

So you have always wanted to write a book but are unable to decide what subject, what issue you would want to base your creativity on. Perhaps you might sometimes even be confused whether you want to write a fiction or non-fiction work. Whatever the concept may be, most times the creative idea for it springs from the environment around you, experiences that you go through and the ideas that excite you. Sometimes even a rare or interesting interaction can become the basis of a book. Here is a quick look into 10 creative ideas you can use while writing a book:

  1. Treasure Experiences: They say every experience is a treasure trove of knowledge, understanding and learning. If you are considering writing a book, there is absolutely nothing as worthwhile. Treasure all of them. Be it just the mundane act of having coffee at the corner shop or bungee jumping, be it a small walk around the local park or a difficult trek, every experience gives you fresh fodder for a great write-up. Many a times they become the little pieces of a puzzle which when joined together becomes one gripping tale.
  2. Travel: One great way to gain experience is by traveling. There is no end to the experiences that you could gather through touring the whole gamut of places world over. Be it the high mountains, the deep seas, the dark jungles, the simple villagers, the sophisticated urbane lifestyle. There is absolutely no experience source like travel. You get a firsthand account of a distinctly different life and can often unleash your creativity like never before. It opens up completely new and unexplored avenues for you to venture into and get enriched by. Travel not only stirs your creativity but also goes a long way in opening up your horizon towards a better tomorrow. If you are worried about budget, now a days there are many websites providing discount coupons. One such site is Now you can pack you bag and enjoy traveling within your budget.
  3. Blogs: There are innumerable blogs today on as varied issues as you could think of. When you are considering ideas for a book they can often be a good source of inspiration. You can even weave multiple themes to bring about your perfect medley of inspiration to put life to your story. Also blogs give a reader a keen sense of perspective about people’s deepest thoughts and experiences and can serve as a strong sounding board to sound off your ideas. Blogs can also introduce new topics that you might not have thought about earlier.
  4. News Events: Given the wide and continuous reach of news channels and journalists be it the Internal crisis in Syria or the devastating earthquake in Nepal or even the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline plane, nothing’s in unknown territory anymore. You can use any of the news events that are reported on TV channels and news sites continuously to form the background of your story. You can use these incidents to draw inspiration and create circumstances in your storyline to add a new element of interest in your book. Also these incidents help the reader connect with your book in a very intimate way.
  5. Overheard Conversations: Has it ever happened to you that when you read a conversation in a chapter of a novel you almost get a sense of Déjà vu. You feel like someone almost heard you and reproduced the exact conversation in their own way on paper. Well that’s not surprising. Most writers are also intensely observant. They draw inspiration from even the smallest development around them and these could serve as a major foundation on which they work. An exchange that your dad-mum might have had or even what your neighbors were discussing or perhaps what the lady next to you was discussing on phone. Jot them all down somewhere, you never how you might end up using them.
  6. Movies: If movies can draw inspiration from books then why can’t books too draw inspiration from them? Sometimes some characters or a particular role might move you so much that you decide to use them as a part of your plot or a character inspired by your movie experience. Remember what the great man, Plato said about ‘Mimesis’. Art is nothing but a reflection or imitation of a beautiful form that you might interact anywhere. So be it movies or books.
  7. Music: Music calms down your senses and can often act as a catalyst to excite your creative instincts. Many a times it can even be the very source of inspiration to stir your creativity and help you pen down some great verses or a beautiful paragraph of prose. Sometimes the instruments used, the people playing, their lives, the great artists, the tussle and their strife to success could all be matters that you write about in your book or who become the inspiration for your book.
  8. Children: When I talk about being observant and creative inputs from the environment around you, one easy target could be children. They are hyper active, highly imaginative and absolutely full of life. There is never an occasion when they are not capable of surprising you with their unique perspective. As a writer keep your notebook close by and always remember to jot down these golden words. You will realize that just by putting them together a story might already begin to take shape.
  9. History: I am sure many of you who has read about the DaVinci Code or the Immortals of Meluha are decidedly moved by it. The vivid use of historic records, a strong connect with the past and tales of the times long forgotten invariably interest readers. As a writer this therefore becomes a great source of inspiration.
  10. Religious Gatherings: From Charles Dickens to modern movies, think of the innumerable movies that have been centered around Christmas. That’s not mere coincidence. Religious gatherings can often become a centre point and source of inspiration for many great novel. It is one evergreen theme that always excites and unites readers and also creates that unique connect between the reader and the writer.


What are some of your inspirations that help you write? 


2 thoughts on “Guest Post:10 Creative Instant Ideas You Can Use While Writing Books

  1. I feel I am most inspired to write when I write. What I mean is, once I build some momentum, even if my original idea was terrible, cliche or what have you, once I get going, the ideas start a flowing!

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