Collateral Damage

Shots ring out

Scream and shout

The bright light calls you

It’s about to go out

Back on the ground

Eyes on the sky

Take note of this moment

For it’s here that you die

Your family will cry

Your mother asks why

While your father stands scoffing

Eyes fixed on your coffin

“You made your bed”

Is what your father said

He’s angry at you

Like it’s your fault your dead

This may be true

The company you’d keep

Every night on the street

Vision is up, not watching your feet

For the slope that you stood on

was slippery and steep

all you needed was a push

Lacking the courage to leap

Jump away from the situation

And grasp for safety

If only you had done this then maybe


Maybe was the option 

That you did not take

Now you lie in your box

And accept your fate

The priest gives your last rights

Now darling it’s good night

Closing the lid on your box

You drift out of site

You awake with a scream

Was that only a dream

Was that a message

Just what did it mean

Your bleeding in cold sweat

Your tale is not done yet

You believe without doubt

Your fate you have just met

Looking in the mirror

You stand in a wide stance

The message is now clearer

This is your last chance

The power is in you

A change you must push through

For in collateral damage

The only one hurt is you


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