Rock Bottom

I’m on my knees in a crack-house           

Pipe burning in hand

Blazed up and strung out

Pondering what life is about 

Legs too weak to stand

My entire world is spinning

Flushed down the drain

Thats why I need this in my vein

Just simply to maintain

I promised this was the last

Now I’m lying again

I’ve been following this path

For too long now

To simply stop what I’m doing

Or even to slow down

Now I’m on my knees, dying

And the worlds still turning ‘round

Nobody has ever cared

If I’m here or I’m there

I equate to waste

My life ends with haste

And I’m not even scared

My muscles will freeze

My body will seize

With out a prayer or a please

I’m a patient gone terminal

This life is my disease

My eyes will roll

My mouth will foam

I’ve paid the toll

I’m all alone

This is how it ends

They’ll throw my corpse

Out on the street

To rot in the gutter

Without a pause in beat

I’m not their problem anymore

Back on pavement

Skin blue and swollen

Expressionless face

As in a game of Hold’em

Many will pass, no one will pause

So blaze up that drug

Do as I did

Follow with me

Nobody will care

Is my wager and bid

Society will look

Tell others as well

“This person clearly lives in hell”

“Everybody in the world forgot about them”

This is what happens when you hit rock bottom


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