I am so excited to share with you that the the revised second edition of
The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is finally available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and Smashwords. Or you could purchase one directly from the author (that’s me) right on the side bar of my website, where you can get a paperback version at a discount, compared to Amazon, as well as a signed copy!

Right now TCTG is on sale for $0.99 from Amazon and Smashwords. This is a promotion for #ReadSelfPublish month. Beginning May 1, 2016, the price will go back up to $2.99 so
get it while you can!!


Barnes & Noble



If you purchased the first edition and would like the second edition for free, please contact me and I can get that right over to you. I really hope that all of you that read the first one, enjoy some of the small changes I made, and for all of you new readers out there, WELCOME! I hope that you enjoy the tale and I’d love to hear your feedback!

Please, if you’re picking the book up, don’t forget to leave a review on your favorite retailer. Reviews really help indie authors, like myself, to gain interest.


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