Book Review: The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

28796671Book: The Curious Tale of Gabrielle
Author: Zachary Paul Chopchinski ( @an-author-and-his-books )
Rating: 5/5
Warnings: Very mild violence, mentions of death/parent death





Review: The first thing I want to admit is that… I’m a book snob. I just am. It’s something I’ve worked really hard at trying to overcome but, meh, at the heart of things, I’m still a huge snob and I generally don’t read anything that’s self-published. It’s terrible, I know. I can only buy so many $.99 ebooks that make me roll my eyes before I give up.

So, consider me shocked when I actually loved this one.

Right away I loved Gabrielle. She’s curious and funny and while she occasionally pauses to think should I really be doing this?, she ultimately does things for the thrill of the adventure (much like a younger… less smarter me). And what an adventure she has! I won’t spoil anything but I will say that I loved the plot, I loved the characters and their odd quirks (running shoes and black dresses, I mean!!!), and I enjoyed that this was a fast paced/fast read gem of a book. There were a few areas where the details seemed to slow the pace just a tad but it really wasn’t enough to actually disrupt the flow of the book.

That ending. THAT ENDING. In so many books, the young character makes a truly life-altering decision and plays it off like:


But there’s that pause where Gabrielle wonders if she made the right choice and it is life giving, truly.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys great, curious characters and fantastic adventures.

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