Interview with Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Sailing to the Moon

In celebration of #readselfpublished month, Sailing to the Moon is doing a series of interviews with successful self-published authors. Here’s our interview with Zachary Paul Chopchinski, author of the Curious Tale of Gabrielle (Which can be found here)

  • How did you get into writing?

Going all the way back to the second grade. The school district that I attended mandated that everyone participate in a district wide competition called the “Young Author Award”. In this competition everyone in your grade throughout the district was pitted against one another. I entered it every year—per my requirements—all the way from second grade to sixth grade, and won every year. It was at this point, after being forced to write, that I realized that not only did I love it, but I was good at it.

  • Do you have any interesting/fun stories about writing?

This isn’t really about writing exactly, but just recently…

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