What’s Your “Home” Book?


The sun pulls itself into the world spreading its warm rays across your face. It forces your sleep encrusted eyes open as the cold wet nose of the family dog greets you. You pull yourself up to a sitting position and a yawn escapes from your lips as you stretch your arms up and over your head, shaking the sleep from your dormant muscles. The overwhelming smell of coffee is coming from the next room and thats when you realize that your alone in bed. You slide your feet out from underneath the covers and watch your toes wiggle as they hang off of the edge of the bed. Standing up, the dogs becomes excited and jumps on the bed forcing a smile to creep across your face. Its Saturday. The day that is spent going on Adventures deep within the pages of a book; but what book? Patting the pup on the head, you saunter into the kitchen and are greeted with a welcoming kiss and a cup of the best stuff on earth; coffee. You make your way over to the couch where you sit cross legged, wrapped in that new throw that grandma crocheted you. Sipping your coffee, you let that liquid gold run down your throat warming every fiber of your being. What should I read today? You think to yourself as the dog joins you on the couch. Feeling nostalgic you pick up that one book that you always go to when you want comfort. The book that you could read a million times and never get bored of it. The book you call home…

For me, my “home” book is The Hobbit.



What book do you call your “home”? I mean, when you think of that book that you can be lost within forever, to be your home (I know for many, one book is not likely to seem enough). In spite the many fantastic journeys that I have been on, This one is by far my favorite epic tale. Those of you whom have experienced the awe that is “The Hobbit”, I sincerely feel that you will understand what it is that I mean. For those of you that have yet to experience this momentous work, I strongly encourage you to do so. An epic adventure with all that can be desired; dragons, elves, dwarves, mystical lands, treasure, battle, thrill…EVERYTHING! Now, like any home on this planet, mine will likely differ from yours. With that being said, I would love the opportunity to be invited into your home. What is our home novel?



7 thoughts on “What’s Your “Home” Book?

  1. Mine is definitely Arabian Nights. Obviously it is a long read (about a thousand pages or so), but it is a story filled with stories that bring me back to my childhood, but they are also stories that I find make sense to me today, as a young adult.

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      1. I have been a huge fan of this book for as long as I can remember. I always tried to get it when it came time to do book reports lol. I knew it like the back of my hand.

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