How Tumblr Helped My Author Career.


We all know how important social media is to an author’s career, it can really make or break us. I know that regularly posting on social media can be quite a challenge for many of us…myself included! However, there is one site that I feel gets overlooked because of some of the negative stereo types associated with it; Tumblr.

Now, I first want to mention that I was extremely skeptical when my sister in law suggested Tumblr as a means of blogging about my book. I mean, Tumblr is just for kids right? Wrong! The majority of Tumblr users do indeed fit in the age rage of teenagers and college students, but there are quit a few adults that regularly use the site as well. Additionally if you’re an author of young adult fiction, such as myself, this is actually the age group you are probably trying to reach.

I have found that actually a large portion of my followers come from Tumblr, approximately 40%…that’s almost half! Additionally many of my biggest fans come from Tumblr and the sales of The Curious Tale of Gabrielle saw a 5% increase when I began regularly blogging on Tumblr.


Tumblr has a very large reading community, they call themselves Booklr (clever huh!). If you just pop over to the site and search the hashtag Booklr you’ll see what I mean. Booker is a very tight knit group (some how they all seem to know each other even though there are thousands of them) but if you manage to  get in with the group they are a loyal bunch! Once one person began to talk about how much they liked my book, it seemed to snowball and any images, reviews or discussions about my book got passed around through the Booklr community, growing my reader base exponentially. Honestly, I have made some amazing friends as well as dedicated readers just by persistently blogging about my book.

unnamedIf you are looking for new ways to reach out to potential readers or already use Tumblr but don’t find it helpful, I really urge you to check out the Booklr community. Not only are they a fun, welcoming bunch, but doing so has really helped my sales as an author of young adult fiction. If you do happen to check it out (or if you already blog on Tumblr) feel free to follow me (@an-author-and-his-books) and don’t hesitate to drop me an ask about anything you need!


2 thoughts on “How Tumblr Helped My Author Career.

  1. I always see articles saying Twitter is where authors should hang out (and plenty of big names do), but I can’t get any real traction there–it moves too fast for me, and I don’t have a built-in audience already. Tumblr has been much more welcoming and done *far* more for my sales than Twitter.

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