Interview With Budding Author: Molly Farrell

Hey Y’all! I am very excited to interview this great future author! Molly and I became friends when she contacted me for advice on becoming an author. She sent me her WIP and I was amazed. Not only does she have a beautiful way with words, but her Greek tragedy is full of love, revenge and twists that will keep you guessing! Check out her very first interview!


  1. For those of us that don’t know, tell us about The Fall of Midnight Sorrow.

The Fall of Midnight Sorrow is literally what the title says it is. It’s about a heartless queen, whose spent too long being alone in the darkness and has forgotten what the light is like. She comes across a mortal on her boarders who basically teaches her it’s ok to be loved and it’s ok to want to be loved. And that even though it’s dark, the stars still shine. In the end, what is great love without great sacrifice?

2.  How did you come up with this idea?

This book’s plot, characters, setting and everything has changed so often the only thing that’s remained is the characters names! I think it was when I heard this song called I Would Die For You by Matt Walters which is super heart breaking, I thought ‘what if…’ and the book was created!

“Tiny diamonds fall from our eyes, like raindrops escape the clouds. In each tear, maybe there is a flood to follow to end the drought” -The Fall of Midnight Sorrow-

3.  Who are some of your influences as a writer?

My main inspiration for my books has to be Sarah J. Maas for so many reasons. Sarah is honestly one of the greatest authors I’ve read! In her book A Court of Thorns and Roses there is a court dynamic, it’s not the same that I have in my book but it was part of what influenced it!

4.  Where do you do your best writing?

In my corner of the living room where I can see what’s going on around me! Usually I just sit and listen to my music so I don’t pay much attention. Generally I just write were I’m comfy. I use to write in hospital waiting rooms because surprisingly they are very comfy!

5.  I know that Midnight is your favorite character. Tell us why.

IMG_8426Midnight is my favourite because I breathed so much life into her and begged her to be real to me. When I write, I feel a deep connection with my characters and Midnight is the deepest because so much of what has hurt me she’s lessened. I cannot live without her, because to me she is so precious and when I’m lonely she is there to speak to me, in a sense. She is my favourite because we live for each other.

6.  Tell us about Midnight

Midnight is Midnight. She is something inside me that the darkness created, when I was very depressed, she was there. She’s been a solid figure in my life, a lot of people have left me but she hasn’t. So to me, Midnight is a noble and strong character but I don’t know how to describe her because I feel no words could do her justice. She’s a Queen and she’s precious.

7.  Are your characters based on real people or do they come entirely from your imagination?

Well, Midnight is half of me and half my imagination. Teddy is inspired by my friend, Josh, who is scarstic but hurt. Filion is created from my imagination as well but I’m pretty sure there’s a drop of every gay person I’ve been friends with (which is a lot!) December is also just my imagination, he was originally going to be a minor character but then BAM! Everyone loves him so he becomes important. Abelia is someone I would love to be so she’s made from my imagination. Elliot is inspired by my cousin, Cara, and then Midnight’s parents are my own.

8.  What’s the best thing about writing? The worst?

The worst thing about writing is writers block! But the best thing about it is being able to creat a world in my head and sharing it, and hearing how people interpret different things I’ve written. Just being able to create a story, a world in paper, and letting people fall in love with your characters just as I’ve done.

9.  Where do you see yourself as an author in the next 10 years?

I really hope in 10 years to have Midnight as a physical book and doing more interviews and getting to sign books! That would be so much fun. So yeah, in ten years I hope to have my published version of Midnight and be signing books!

“She cast the moon away and tucked the stars in and hid them from the sky. She took a deep breath and then she made it rain darkness” -The Fall of Midnight Sorrow-

10.  Any last thoughts you would like to say to your future readers?

IMG_2938Final thoughts, well I mean I hope people read my book. Midnight means the world to me and I want everyone to know about her, and feel the love I do.

I’ll leave this quote for whoever does decide to read it, ‘My love for you will last forever, you however did not’ -Lemmony Snicket

Molly is looking for people to read her book and for people willing to interview her so that she can get the word out about Midnight! If you are interested in interviewing Molly, reading The Fall of Midnight Sorrow or connecting with Molly on social media, contact her on her blog.

Molly’s Blog


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