Do Your Homework!!!


d200b376934b152a14e7829cf0e6ee90What are we, kids? No, but you’re missing the point! As I write, and more importantly, read, one of the most crucial things to me (outside of an amazing story, obvi) are the small details that really make a story, well, a story.

The things you generally don’t  notice (unless they are done wrong), but add depth to a story. The things that make a book feel like you can lean forward, tip your head, and fall right into the action. These little parts, however, can brake a story just as easily as build it up.

As a reader, I must say (though it may sound vein in a way), that there is no bigger way to turn me off to a story than to have situations that are either inaccurate, or even worse, completely false. It’s like stubbing your toe when you enter a room. There’s an open space and anything is possible, then BAM and now all you an think about is your toe. While eventually you get over the annoying pain, it stings for a while.

Now we get to the point of my rambles this evening: do the research and hit those descriptions. I especially had to be careful with this while writing The Gabrielle Series as it’s a story based on actual history.

Even when this is not the case, if something sounds wrong you can snag a reader. If your characters are going to respond in a specific way, be sure that their personality would allow that. If you are going to describe a place that exists in real life, make sure that you look at photos and hit the mark.

You never know what the background of your readers might be. If the small detail is something that pertains to them and you get it wrong, they may no longer see themselves in your tale. It loses its hold and now they are stuck in reality, and that’s never fun.


2 thoughts on “Do Your Homework!!!

    1. I can’t deal with it. I’ll stop reading if I catch one. It’s part of our job as authors to check our facts. If you don’t want to put in the extra work, why am I going to put in the work to read past it?

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