Happy Read Self Published Month!!

I am excited and honored to kick off the blog tours for RSP month with a peek into the Otherworld. In The Gabrielle Series, Gabrielle finds herself visiting the Otherworld, stuck in a war between the gods. 
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As mortals, we live in the realm of the living, one that we call Earth, and remain here for our existence. There is another world, however that lives beyond ours. Thriving in tandem along with ours. Home to the gods, beauty, youth, and the purest essence of life. The Druids call this place the Otherworld.
Lucious groves and endless stretches of green make up the Otherworld. A lone wanderer sits in the dew covered grass as sunshine washes over her pale face. She stretches her arms up to the cloudless sky and gives a drowsey yawn as she awaits her reincarnation. Thick moss and running vines emerge all in an emerald dream as the sweet air of the forest fills her lungs.
But The Otherworld has a dark side to it. Behind the luscious greenery, crimson eyes peer out at all that wander The Otherworld. Beneath those crimson eyes, a wicked smile erupts, causing needle teeth to glint in the light. The gods are always watching and deep within the forests of the Otherworld, a war is being waged between them.
The perfect representation of the balance of life and death. According to the Druids, once a life’s journey comes to and end in one plane, they are reborn anew in the next. An eternal dance between our world, and the Otherworld.
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A War Is Coming...
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