The #readselfpublished Blog Tour!

Learn more about dystopian romance author Elena Johansson in today’s blog tour post for Read Self Published Month!

elena johansen

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Hello, readers and fellow authors participating in #readselfpublished!

I’m Elena, I write romance, and I’ve got two books following one couple past the end of the world as they knew it.

Is there room for love in their lives when mere survival demands so much? Find out in What We Need to Survive, book one in the What We Need series.


After the plague, the world became a web of silent roads stretching between empty towns.

Paul discovered he had a knack for living on the move, finding supplies and trading them with other survivors, never staying long in one place, or with one person. But he wanted to. Life would be easier with someone to watch his back.

Nina found her own way to survive in the ruined world, but the choices she made left her guarded and mistrustful. Not a woman likely to care for a handsome…

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