Book Reviews – Why You Should Write One

Val, Tell Me A Story...

I cannot force anyone to write one, or corner readers by giving them a copy IF they promise to write one. It’s not fair, we are all different in how we feel about what we read as well as what they think a review looks like.
Just to be clear, Authors look forward to reviews, honest reviews. There are 1-star reviews that dislike a book for all the elements I intentionally wanted in my story. That tells me I did capture that element, and deep down, I expected it to not appeal to everyone. Then we have the 5-star one-liners of “enthralling” or “good read” and these boost an author’s morale to keep at it as well as leave future readers curious to know what sort of book would prompt such statements.
Despite it all, we are burdened with the weight of the digital age where hidden algorithms…

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