Pre-Order Webley and The World Machine Today!

It’s finally here! You can now pre-order Webley and The World Machine! It will be on sale for $2.99 until release week (January 11), and then it will double in price to $4.99! Reserve your copy HERE.






Trust me you’re going to want this book, the interior illustrations are just jaw dropping!Here is a little sneak peek at just one page of the illustrations for this book.

I’ve got to say, this was my first steampunk book but I’m completely hooked! I had so much fun creating the World Machine and the characters that live within it, that I think I’m going to stick with it! Just in case you haven’t heard of Webley and The World Machine, here is the blurb.

A world beneath our world.
An army of mechanical monsters.
A war to end all wars.

When Adalwolf Stein and Arija Rapp discover a mechanical world hidden deep within the earth, the result is life changing. Webley and the creators of The World Machine work to keep the Earth turning. But when Arija and Adal discover a growing conflict that will destroy the Earth, they find themselves forced to fight.

Will they be able to stop the war in time or will they regret ever having set foot in The World Machine?

Webley and The World Machine is a YA Steampunk featuring two snarky and fun eighteen year olds, a dwarf-like giant and a whole slew of odd mechanical creatures. If you’re a fan of Wild Wild West, sassy characters or all things steampunk you’re going to love this book.

WARNING: The characters in this book have a mind of their own and enjoy swearing and generally getting themselves into trouble.



Here is that pre-order link one more time!


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