Scifi Roundtable Auction

Auction! It’s for a great cause!

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This is running from January 7th to January 11th 7PM – 8PM

If you are looking for an awesome new read, incredible artwork, promotional images and more, you’re going to want to take a look at everything there is to be offered!

Sci-fi Roundtable Auction

Enjoy Sci-fi or fantasy, or are you an author looking for an incredible group to join and be a part of? This group is incredible and has helped me grow so much as an author. So seriously.. click the link!   Sci-fi Roundtable


Now down to the real reason you’re here, why an auction?

I’ll tell you, but first I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the people who have donated to this event, the amount of generosity displayed has been genuinely moving, and I am forever thankful to you all. Secondly, a massive debt of gratitude to Layla Pinkett for organizing and putting…

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