A Bite of… Adal and Arija from ‘Webley and the World Machine’ by Zachary Chopchinski

Check out this hilarious interview with Adal and Arija!

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1. What is the best thing about the world you live in?

Adal: I mean to be completely honest what’s not to like about it? This place is rad! It’s
like some kind of sci-fi movie…but real life. I’ve got this sweet ass bionic arm now and I
can pretty much punch through anything…so…that’s cool.
Arija: Yeah, Adal maybe if you paid more attention in wrestling instead of staring at
yourself in the mirror maybe you wouldn’t need that arm.
Adal: You’re just mad because you didn’t get this sweet upgrade. Don’t be hatin!
Anyway, the Machine is a pretty dope place. I’ve got a bunch of kick ass toys so I can
basically just destroy shit all day. OH, and I get to fly these sweet ass machines…these
flying sacs or whatever the hell their called.
Arija: HA! Right! As long as you’re not peeing yourself and crying for…

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